"Learn How To Build A Profitable Amazon Business and Achieve Financial Freedom"

"Learn How To Build A Profitable Amazon Business and Achieve Financial Freedom"

"Learn How To Build A Profitable Amazon Business and Achieve Financial Freedom"

 200+ Students 

 10M+ video views

Hey, I'm Michael Soltis! 

And within 2 years of selling products on Amazon these were my results:

...In this course I show you my exact step-by-step blueprint for how you can make a full-time income selling products on amazon.

And NO, you don't need:

❌ Any previous business experience or training

❌ A product yet (I show you how to find profitable products to sell!)

❌ Or any idea where to even start.

All You Need is...

A Laptop...

...And Wi-Fi

Amazing Student Testimonials

How Ecom Project Zero Works:

🏆 Over 90+  Step-By-Step Training Videos

🏆 Unlimited LIFETIME 24/7 Access

🏆 9 Modules Including Everything You Need To Start A Successful Amazon Business

🏆 Downloadable PDFs + Key Points Below Every Course Video

🏆 Complete Plan of Action and Full Expert Mentorship + Guidance

🏆 Unlimited 1 on 1 personal mentorship from Michael Soltis

🏆 Access to our Private Facebook Community To Ask Questions and Receive Additional Support (LIVE group coaching included)

🏆 BONUS: Tier-1 Branding Module 

90+ Video Lessons  

...Guiding you through EVERYTHING you need to know about selling on amazon in a simple step-by-step format so that you DON'T get stuck or overwhelmed.

What We Cover 

Module 1: Introduction

  • Welcome Message: 
  • How Amazon FBA Works
  • Account setup 
  • How to Navigate Seller Central
  • How to setup your LLC 
  • Sales tax, Insurance, International selling
  •  How to create a legendary brand name 
  •  How to design your logo method 1 & 2
  • Amazon Acronyms- What they mean

Module 2: Product Research

  • How much you need to start
  • Should you borrow money to start? 
  • Software and tools needed 
  • The shoebox method
  • How to check for seasonality, patents & trademarks
  • How to calculate profit and fees
  • Creating a battle plan
  • Strange (but highly effective) way to find your niche
  • Going against the grain
  • How to cross validate sales volume
  • Product research method #1 - JungleScout chrome extension
  • Product research method #2 hot new releases
  • Product research method #3 spying on the competition
  • Product research method #4 Helium 10 Black Box
  • Product research method #5 amazon best sellers
  • What products not to sell + gated categories
  • Why Competition is a Good Thing
  • Examples of good products to sell
  • Examples of bad products to sell
  • Bundles vs standalone products

Module 3: Finding the Absolute Best Supplier

  • How to find suppliers
  • Contact template form
  • How to quickly contact 100s of suppliers
  • Best way to communicate with suppliers
  • How to weed out bad suppliers
  • How to get samples
  • Product inspections - my opinion and strategy
  • How to get cheap, legitimate UPC barcodes in bulk 
  • How to make sure you’re not getting ripped off
  • Air vs sea shipping - Which is BEST for you?
  • Paying your supplier - the safest and best method 

Module 4: Crafting a Fully Optimized Listing

  • How to setup your listing the right way
  • How to design your packaging method
  • How to find the best keywords for your listing
  • Listing optimization checklist tool to use
  • Template for getting the best product photography
  • Hacking your images to drive sales
  • Taking advantage of canonical URLs to boost ranking
  • Price your product to maximize profit
  • Creating bullet proof bullet points that convert like crazy
  • Using negative reviews from competitors to your advantage
  • How to turn customer questions into pure profit
  • How to protect yourself with trademarks and brand registry

Module 5: Shipping Your Product to Amazon

  • Shipping your products to amazon
  • 2 Critical mistakes to avoid- or risk your account getting banned
  • How to never run out of stock

Module 6: The Superior Product Launch Method

  • How to get reviews FAST
  • PPC launch strategy to rank #1 immediately
  • Immediately boost conversions with coupons
  • How to prevent negative reviews
  • Complete checklist for product launches
  • ​Prelaunch Checklist (listing optimization)

Module 7: Amazon PPC Mastery

  • What is amazon PPC - introduction 
  • ​Amazon Advertising Terminology 
  • How to harvest the absolute best keywords for PPC 
  • ​One PPC hack that will explode your advertising success 
  • ​How to optimize your ppc campaigns
  • PPC hack for low cost, high converting keywords
  • The Ultimate PPC Strategy
  • Manual Campaign Strategy ( Broad)
  • Manual Campaign Strategy (Exact)
  • How to use credit cards to travel for free

Module 8: Critical Business Management Masterclass

  • How to remove negative feedback 
  • ​How to remove hijackers
  • How to know when its time to reorder inventory
  • Cashflow tips and managing inventory
  • ​How to get thousands of dollars back that amazon owes you
  • How to stay on top of the rankings

BONUS Module 9: Tier-1 Branding Technique

  • Create a Premium Brand
  • Quality over quantity of products
  • cross sales and increase AOV
  • ​Your brand identity

Start building your online empire today...

Just a couple years ago, I was in the same exact position as you and felt trapped. 

With Amazon FBA, I was able to launch forward on the path of entrepreneurship and success, build my dream business, and reach complete and total financial freedom

I quickly discovered that... leveraging the internet + selling products = a windfall of profit.

 Like thousands and thousands of others achieving success with Amazon every single day, I realized the INCREDIBLE  power of e-commerce and I took advantage of the massive opportunity immediately.

Michael Soltis: My Story

Only a few years ago, I was 21 years old, stuck working as a lifeguard (which I absolutely hated) trying to finish a  useless degree... and felt completely trapped. 

I remember falling asleep at night asking myself "is this it? Is this all my life is?" 

I always knew I had massive potential and was capable of achieving success - but up until discovering amazon I had no way to actually apply myself. 

Then I started to wake up.

 I started to push myself to learn, grow, and build my online empire

I started to work harder than ever before to start my amazon business because I knew that it would give me complete financial freedom...

Just over 2 years ago, I found out about Amazon FBA - and fast forward to today, I was able to create an incredibly profitable amazon FBA business that generates me $10,000+ in profit every single month on autopilot- even when I don't work or I'm sleeping.

I now feel a burning passion to grow my online business and share my  strategy with others to help them achieve the same level of success or better. 

Its my dream to one day have students that surpass me in sales and profit.

Whenever I sit down to work on my online businesses I feel this surge of energy- almost like there's jet fuel coursing through my veins...

...Because I know deep down that building my online business will allow me to travel the world, achieve massive accelerated success, and help others along the way.

Starting an Amazon FBA business has completely changed my entire life and is the single best decision that I've ever made... 

My Amazon FBA business has given me more time, money, and energy than I ever thought possible. 

It has given me the ability to sculpt the very outcome of my entire life without having to be accountable to anyone except for myself. 

I have also gained a deep sense of peace and security to know that I am in excellent financial shape. 

My Mission: To help you master Amazon FBA, build your online empire, and ultimately achieve financial freedom.

What You Will Learn

introduction to amazon fba
I will walk you through exactly why amazon FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) is the absolutely best business you can start- and how to do it. I refer to amazon as "a business on training wheels" because so much of it is automated and done for you.
Product research is an art that not many new sellers understand. Finding a profitable product is the number 1 deciding factor as to whether you will fail or succeed in selling on amazon
finding the best suppliers
I show you my exact streamlined process for weeding out all the bad suppliers and how to find an amazing manufacturer for your products. I will also show you the safest way to conduct transactions with your suppliers.
how to create a fully optimized product listing
Listing optimization is so important, it is the backbone of your business when it comes to determining how many sales you will make. I have an exhaustive list of techniques and hacks to sell more products and create an avalanche of profit and revenue.
amazon ppc mastery
Amazon advertising can be a wild jungle that many new sellers never successfully wrap their head around. We will explore the best methods to maximize your advertising on amazon. 
bonus tier-1 branding module
Branding is everything on amazon. But most sellers think it ends with slapping a sticker on your products with a random logo. I break down exactly how to build a wildly profitable tier-1 brand that will help you crush the competition and stand out on amazon.

The disturbing cost of trying this on your own...

Some attempt to start a business with no guidance or help all alone, without investing in a course or mentorship...

And yes, it is possible. But it will be incredibly difficult, extremely costly, and risky. Not to mention that the learning curve will be much longer, taking years before you have a sustainable business.

 Many sellers launch bad product after bad product and lose thousands or tens of thousands of dollars- when this could all have been avoided by investing into a course and mentorship to shortcut their way to success and learn from the mistakes and failures of others instead.

 ❌ To figure out all this information and all the right steps to get your Amazon FBA business started the right way it would steal precious years of your life and you may never see success at all...

❌ You risk attempting to launch failed product after failed product while losing thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars in the process on easily preventable mistakes taught in this course.

❌ Successfully running an amazon business requires the right mindset and preparation, and to get your figure it all out yourself will takes years of pain, suffering, and loss with no promise of succeeding at all.

❌ Without a mentor to help guide you through the maze of starting an amazon business you will quickly become lost, overwhelmed and demotivated.

❌ In the end you will be stuck not knowing how to get started and you won't be sure whether your product will sell or if its even worth the risk.

Learn step-by-step how to build a successful Amazon FBA business

Completely Risk-Free

Enrolling is 100% risk free. I want to make sure that every single student is completely satisfied with the course content. That's why you have a 30 day period to get a full refund as long as you access less than 40% of the course modules. 

Secure Payment

We use Stripe to securely process your payment. It is fully encrypted and your privacy is respected. We will never share your email or personal information.

Unlimited Access to World-Class Amazon FBA Training

This course is the final product from years of my effort in experimenting and succeeding  with Amazon FBA. This includes hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on inventory and marketing, which has taught me all the best methods  that allowed me to succeed.

Receive Expert Mentorship & Guidance

You will have access to unlimited 1 on 1 personal mentorship with Michael Soltis. You can choose the platform of your choice to communicate at any time to ask questions and receive guidance.

    Here's What You'll Get:

    • Ecom Project Zero™ Amazon Course (Unlimited Lifetime Access, 90+ Step-By-Step Video Lessons Showing You The ENTIRE Process from A-Z With Selling Products On Amazon)
    • Battle-Tested Blueprints (FREE) (Including Downloadable PDFs, Cheat-Sheets, and Copy & Paste Templates!)
    • UNLIMITED 1-ON-1 Private Mentorship (Over DM, Email, and Chat- I Will Help Validate and Check Your Product Idea + Help You Strategize To Succeed On Amazon)
    • ​Ecom Project Zero™ Private Mastermind Group
    • ​INSANE BONUS: Fast Track Framework Mini Course now included FREE of charge! ($97 VALUE)

    ​Total price for lifetime access to the course with unlimited mentorship: 

    *Includes 30-Day No-Questions-Asked
     Money Back Guarantee!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's Included in the Course?

    Ecom Project Zero is a full step-by-step, A-Z blueprint for you to follow to create a successful Amazon FBA business. Inside you'll find the 9 core modules filled with over 90+ in-depth video lessons and 4 unique bonuses. The content inside Ecom Project Zero is designed to give you all the knowledge and tools to succeed if you use the resources, take consistent action, and never give up. In other words: it's all that you need to become a successful Amazon seller.

    Is this for Beginners or Experts?

    Ecom Project Zero is for everyone interested in Amazon FBA. This is a complete roadmap to take beginners all the way to making a full-time income.

    How Long Do I have Access to the Ecom Project Zero Course?

    Once you enroll, you have lifetime access! Every new bonus or piece of content that is introduced, you will have FREE access to it, as you will already be an existing member. With that being said, the price could raise on you if you wait long enough, so enroll now for the guaranteed lowest price.

    What if I Have a Question or Problem?

    You have direct access to our private Facebook group that's full of likeminded individuals who may know the answer. I'm here for your success, so any possible issue or roadblock will be addressed immediately. You will have 24/7 access to all the information and help you need, as well as direct mentorship and guidance from Michael Soltis

    Can I Pay with a Credit Card?

    Yes! We use Stripe to securely process your payment. A payment plan and one-time payment options are available.

    Start Building Your Amazon Business and Be One Step Closer to Achieving Financial Freedom. 

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